Official Website of the International Earth Science Olympiad

Students winning the respective national competitions are invited to participate in this significant event.
All the main areas of earth sciences, including geology, geophysics, meteorology, oceanography, astronomy, and environmental sciences, are considered as selecting
topics for the competition.
The competition for each participant consists of theoretical and practical examinations as well as field work test. Beside that, an International Team Field Investigation (ITFI) will be arranged. Each team will consist of some students from different countries. Participants should work together during experimental and/or field tasks and will be graded
together as a group.


14th IESO 25-30 September 2021 Online, 33 delegations participate with a total of 199 students. Results will be posted here. Newsletter describing the events is here.

1st Circular of the 14th IESO 2021

The IESO is a major project of International GeoScience Education Organisation (IGEO)